Author and Nutritionist David Wolfe Discusses Nutritional Myths

Kevin: Let’s take one other flip right here and let’s discuss a little bit bit about a number of the widespread issues that persons are experiencing these days and perhaps when you can simply give some options on what they will do to assist them out. I do know that, to start out, we’ll begin with osteoporosis. Quite a lot of girls are involved about osteoporosis and so they’re involved about calcium and taking these calcium capsules. You already know, what are a number of the execs and cons of that?

David: Okay, properly the nations that eat essentially the most calcium, the US, Canada and the Scandinavian nations, have the more serious osteoporosis and that is as a result of our concept of mineralization or our concept of vitamin is inaccurate. The overall concept is {that a} hundred years in the past they began folks’s bones. They discovered that, oh my god; these bones are made out of calcium. When folks do not have sufficient bone density the thought is, oh they simply need to eat extra calcium as a result of that is what builds bones. Calcium doesn’t construct bones and that is likely one of the greatest misconceptions ever and it really goes to the actual core of our issues with science. And that’s the human physique is a posh organic machine of an unbelievable of thriller. And there may be sturdy proof that signifies that when you eat a number of the calcium, as an instance it is calcium from coral calcium, for instance, oyster shell calcium. That it’s nearly unimaginable to get that stuff into your bones to extend bone density. The quantity of accelerating bone density, at greatest, is 1 or 2%. It’s not ok.

What will increase bone density? Effectively, it seems it is two different minerals and that’s silicon and magnesium. Now, the perfect pure supply of magnesium is cacao and cacao is understood to be good to your enamel. In truth, there are chemical substances in cacao that kill the organism Streptococci mutans that trigger cavities. And, the truth is, these extracts of the chocolate are actually going to be displaying up in toothpaste everywhere in the world.

Kevin: No kidding?

David: That is wonderful. That to me is simply such a dramatic irony.

Kevin: Wow.

Kevin Wolfe: All alongside chocolate has been good to your enamel. It is the sugar that is been unhealthy however even then, even then, research have been executed on individuals who eat chocolate even with the sugar and it has been discovered with a examine executed in Scandinavia on this. It has been discovered that even then that individuals who eat chocolate have been enamel well being than individuals who do not. To me that is wonderful. However let’s get on to silicon as a result of that is the mineral that’s tough to get in right now’s food regimen. What’s silicon? It is a mineral. You get it within the pores and skin of cucumbers. It is within the pores and skin of bell peppers. It is the pores and skin of tomatoes. It is in sure particular herbs, which I’ll title and you may drink this as a tea or take it in supplemental type and you’ll discover that it helps together with your bone density.

And listed below are the herbs. Certainly one of them is known as horse tail, horse tail and it is not a horse’s tail. It is really an herb. One other one is nettle. Stinging nettles have been eaten by the druids within the U.Okay. for 1000’s of years and it is one of the necessary meals to eat if you understand how to do it or when you juice it or you’ll be able to simply dry it and make a tea out of it, which is what I am recommending; horse tail, nettle, oat straw. The oat seed of the oat grass has a little bit straw round it. It has a little bit coating. It is the seed capsule. That oat straw is likely one of the richest sources of silicon. You should purchase it in well being meals shops. You will get in as extracts in well being meals shops.

You will get it uncooked and make your personal tea out of it. You mix these three collectively and also you need you’ll be able to add alfalfa, which can be an important supply of silicon. You may both make a tea out of that or you’ll be able to simply eat these any method you could find them. And you can see when you do three sturdy teas

of that per day you’ll begin growing your bone density however how? It is the silicon. Now, how does silicon enhance calcium? I imply that does not make sense. It is as a result of our concept of minerals is inaccurate. Our atomic concept is inaccurate. And that’s when you eat silicon wealthy meals your physique, by way of the facility of enzymes transmutates it into calcium, turns the silicon into calcium. That was found by an important French researcher by the title of Louis Curvan, a Nobel prize nominee, who wrote 5 books and 5,000 pages of analysis on simply this specific topic; how silicon and calcium are associated to one another.

It was very properly honored in France and he’s very intimately entwined within the science of what is going on on in France; however due to the language barrier his analysis actually by no means made it to the English-speaking nations.

Kevin: Attention-grabbing after we’re nonetheless taking calcium capsules from, you realize, sea shells and all the things.

David: I like to recommend to god, you realize, that is so engrained in our minds about calcium that in case you are confused about this, get on the Web and analysis precisely whose getting the outcomes of remineralizing their bones and you will find it is people who find themselves not taking these types of calcium which are poisonous, which is the oyster shell calcium and to some extent even coral calcium.

Kevin: Now, bones are alkaline and does not the acidity of meats and sugars – does that eat away on the bone? I imply has that been confirmed or is that only a concept that I feel I’ve, you realize?

David: Effectively, that is an important query and that is the opposite aspect of the equation about osteoporosis. One is we have got to ensure we get the fitting vitamin to construct sturdy bones. The opposite aspect of the equation is we have got to ensure we’re doing issues that are not hurting our bones. Consuming a lot of sugar is likely one of the worse issues we are able to do to our general well being of our enamel, which live bones and to the density of our bones as a result of after we soak up a lot of sugar our physique has to make use of calcium, it has to drag calcium out of the bones to buffer or neutralize the extreme acidity of the sugar. Calcium is very alkaline, as you said. Our bones are alkaline and, due to this fact, alkaline minerals are used every time we’re uncovered to actual sturdy acids. Sugar is a really sturdy acid. I imply, you realize, we used to dissolve the corrosion on our battery terminals of our bus by dumping soda pop onto it as a result of that sugar simply dissolves and the phosphoric acid simply dissolves all of the corrosion proper on the battery terminal. I imply you do not’ need to be placing that in your physique. That is harmful.

Kevin: Let’s get into dietary supplements little bit. And also you stroll right into a well being meals retailer and there are actually 1000’s of them. How do you get by way of them to seek out those that assist with weight reduction, and longevity, is admittedly what I feel the fountain of youth is all about? Which of them of these are the perfect? I imply rhodiola, turmeric, cinnamon. I imply which of them are those that folks must be specializing in, not essentially take however must be specializing in?

David: That is such a superb query. My job is to principally information folks into well being meals shops and create order out of chaos. There are such a lot of issues. Okay, properly a very powerful factor, for my part, that you may purchase in a well being meals retailer in that division goes to be vitamin C.

Kevin: Okay. In what type?

David: Effectively, there’s completely different varieties. Now, I like to recommend that you just begin experimenting, transferring away from artificial types of vitamin C or ascorbic acid, which continues to be helpful, nonetheless good for you, and transferring in the direction of powdered, actually excessive vitamin C crops. For instance, you may get acerola cherry. It is a tropical berry that’s actually excessive in vitamin C. It is like 1 or 2% vitamin C and principally what they do is that they develop these berries. They dry them and so they powder them down and the encapsulate them or put them in a glass jar and promote them in well being meals shops as vitamin C. Now, that is an actual nice approach to get a lot of vitamin C pure with all of the cofactors. Vitamin C wants cofactors like rutin and bioflavonoids which are all naturally current in these powders, like acerola cherry. You may both take it supplementally as capsules otherwise you add it onto your smoothies. You may actually put it in your water that you just drink in your morning and it type of sweetens the water. It sweetens the water however does not sugarize the water.

Kevin: Gotcha.

David: Vitamin C is nice however not sugary. So it makes your morning water simpler to drink. In order that’s one factor, vitamin C. The subsequent factor is, what I consider to be, the best discovery within the final — in all probability within the final hundred years within the subject of vitamin aside from vitamin C and enzymes and that’s sulfur, MSM, Methylsulfonylmethane. MSM is a biologically obtainable type of sulfur that is naturally present in wild meals, untended meals. We do not actually have entry to that hardly in any respect any extra. I imply, nearly all our meals is grown on farms for us. It is not being watered naturally by the rain. I am speaking concerning the pure sulfur that is produced within the oceans that helps create clouds, then drops them on the land that we’d like nutritionally with a view to produce versatile collagen. Now that on this planet does that imply? It signifies that sulfur produces versatile pores and skin and versatile muscle tissue. It stops, in essence, wrinkling and will increase the juiciness of the collagen and the discs, the joints that principally separate our bones from one another. On prime of all that, it will increase the expansion of our hair, our nails, in order that we now have thicker, richer progress of our hair and nails. This will all be simply skilled inside two weeks of taking MSM.

Kevin: It is going to develop like weeds.

David: It is actually unbelievable and individuals who need thick fast progress of their hair and nails are nearly at all times utterly shocked by how highly effective MSM could be. You will get it in capsule type. You will get it in a powder type. It is obtainable in each single well being meals retailer now. When you begin

wanting into it, and particularly once you take it, here is what you are going to discover out. You are going to discover it is one of the necessary stuff you’ve ever taken. I’ve randomly polled lots of of individuals about MSM. I nearly at all times to a T right here from individuals who have taken it earlier than. Oh, MSM modified my life. I’ve heard that dozens of occasions, that actual quote. Oh, MSM modified my life.

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